There are different types of facial treatments that you can choose from, some of them are invasive while others are noninvasive. Also, the recovery time of each procedure varies. In order to avoid any adverse reactions opt for dermaplaning, it is a straightforward treatment that eliminates dead skin cells and peach fuzz from the face with a sharp blade. Once the peach fuzz is removed the skin becomes youthful and radiant.

Dermaplaning is prescribed to anybody going for a laser treatment to permit better infiltration of topical products which results in better outcomes. This treatment is recommended for pregnant women or people with sensitive skin who cannot opt for other procedures due to skin problems.

What is Dermaplaning?

A sharp blade is clutched at an angle of 45-degree to remove the top layer of the dead skin. The specialist utilizes light feathering upward strokes in order to avoid any puncture wounds on the skin.

Even though the procedure might seem like shaving your face it’s not. As the blade is used at a specific angle the treatment is quite effective and has multiple advantages. There is no reason to stress over the hair getting any darker once it grows back as dermaplaning focuses on the vellus hair that regrows in a similar size and color. Your technician might also apply a hydrating lotion after the treatment as the dead cells are removed and the cream can easily penetrate the skin. Any hair growth which has taken place over three weeks can be completely removed with dermaplaning.


Dermaplaning is an efficient and safe treatment for removing dead skin that improves product absorption. This method helps skincare products like moisturizers effective penetrate the skin while making it look and feel smoother. Furthermore, it reduces the presence of acne scars. The treatment additionally attempts to expel facial hair that can trap soil and oils. The treatment is suitable for almost all skin types and the effects on the skin can be seen immediately.

It would be ideal if you leave this method to the experts and don’t attempt it at home. When you go for the treatment check if they use products from Cosmedix as they have proven to give the best results. For more information on the best non-surgical skin restorative procedures, including dermaplaning, visit myglamoureyes.

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