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Eyelash extensions are the newest, hottest, and fastest growing trend in the beauty industry.  At Glamour Eyes Studio we offer you various types of lashes to customize any look you want.  If you don’t know exactly which type of lash is best for you, have no fear! One of our beauty experts will inform you and walk you through during your lash consultation.

Faux mink are the most popular extensions.  They are poly-fiber lashes  that come in a variety of lengths, curls and thickness.  They have flexibility and hold the curl.

Ellipse lashes resemble faux mink lashes but the base of them are slightly more oval shape, rather than round and hugs the natural lash resulting in improved retention.

Mink is a natural lash that comes from the Mink tail.  They are light, fluffy soft and have a very natural look. Because of the light weight the retention is much longer.  However, being as it’s natural the curl doesn’t last as long.

Silk lashes are mid-weight type of lash extensions, they are finer and more flexible than faux mink lashes.  They come in a variety of lengths and curls but they are more light weight then the popular faux mink lashes making them better for clients who want more of a natural look.

Classic lash technique is where one extension is attached to one natural lash.  Volume lashes is where multiple extensions are attached to one natural lash resulting in a fuller, more textured look.


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best eyelash extensions for hooded eyes
Welcome to Glamour Eyes Lash Studio, a beauty studio in the heart of Westlake.  Serving the Greater Cleveland area.
best eyelash extensions for hooded eyes

After being a freelance makeup artist and licensed esthetician for many years Mary had a vision to open somewhere special that was more than just an ordinary studio. Bringing you the best, highly experienced beauty professionals and treatments, we aspire to be leading at the forefront of trends and give you an experience that makes you feel valued as our client.

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best eyelash extensions for hooded eyes