With so many types of skin treatments promising to give you young and radiant skin, it can be enticing to try them all. In any case, very few facial and treatments suit everyone. Knowing the realities about a treatment before you book a consultation is critical in achieving the desired outcome.

Dermaplaning is a technique utilized to remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells. It has a few advantages, however, remember that it does not suit all skin types. From what is dermaplaning to the cost of the procedure everything is explained below:

What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning uses a small blade to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and small hair that obstruct pores. It is an in-office procedure that should be performed by a certified technician. Though it might be enticing to get a sharp blade from the drugstore and give it a shot yourself, this one should be left to the expert aestheticians who have the correct instruments and system. Try not to attempt this at home.

What’s does the procedure involve?

Your dermatologist will normally begin by cleaning your face and putting a hydrating mask. After the mask, a sterilized blade is used by the dermatologist which is gradually dragged over your skin. This is a delicate method to eliminate peach fuzz and is a painless procedure.

Advantages of Dermaplaning

The fundamental advantage of this is the elimination of dead cells, dirt, and scar tissue that make your skin look uneven. By disposing of the top layer of skin, your dermatologist can uncover a smoother, and even-conditioned surface of the skin. A few beauticians even decided to pair dermaplaning session with a facial or add-on procedure like hydration mask, since dermaplaning enables the skin to readily retain creams and moisturizers. The topical items can be easily absorbed into the skin as there are no obstacles like peach fuzz or dead skin.

There is no proof that the facial hair which develops after the dermaplaning session is darker. There is a possibility that your face might feel a little rough once the hair grows back after the dermaplaning session as the hair is trimmed during the procedure.


The cost of one dermaplaning session can go up to $160 to $300 depending upon the locality and expertise of the technician or dermatologist you have chosen.

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