Eyelash extensions make your eyes pop, give you an alert look and reduce the time you spend applying eye makeup in half. The best thing about eyelash extension is that you wake up with long lashes each day without any hassle.

The most frequently asked question about eyelash extension is whether they damage your natural lashes. With such a large number of ghastly stories out there about the cosmetic lashes causing infections or eyelashes dropping out altogether, you understand why.

What is the impact on my regular eyelashes?

Natural lashes don’t become shorter and stubbier even though that’s a common misconception among a lot of people. There is no impact on natural lashes when eyelash extensions are applied efficiently by an expert. The fake eyelashes are glued to a single natural lash while keeping some distance from the lash line. The false lashes will fall out when your natural lashes do. So there is no reason to be nervous on the off chance that you see your extensions drop out; this is a totally ordinary thing to occur. At least 3 lashes fall out every day. At the point when cosmetic lashes start dropping out get an expert to professionally remove them and so that you don’t pull out your natural lashes.

If there are any fallouts from your extension you can always book an appointment to get them replaced. This is commonly a well-known alternative, as once you are used to long and awe-inspiring lashes you will never apply mascara! The motivation behind why such a significant number of individuals guarantee their eyelashes look shorter or progressively meager once the eyelash extensions are removed is because of the stark difference between eyelash extension and your natural lashes.

There are various lengths, sizes, and styles for you to look over. Simply talk to your eyelash professional about the kind of look you want to go for before you get your extensions done. Mink, silk, and synthetic are the three different kinds of false lashes available in the market. Mink and silk lashes will, in general, give you a milder look whereas synthetic lashes are more popular because they are stronger. As there is a possibility that animals are hurt when hair is extracted I recommend you avoid using mink lashes. Both silk and synthetic from Novalash are my go-to lashes. Visit my glamour eyes lash studio to gather more information about eyelash extensions.


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