Want To Care For Eyelash Extension?

If you have gone through your eyelashes extension, there is much more you need to know, and to take care about. Because we have been asked this common question so many times that How To Care For Eyelash Extension? And every time we suggest only the right things, and tips to the customers. Still, people make mistakes, and after that, they get disappointed by the eyelashes extension. But there are some small tips, and cars they can take for getting desired results and outputs. So, let’s go through some essential but natural care you can make for your eyelashes. For ease of understanding, we’ll divide it into two categories. What should you do? What should you not do?

What Should You Do?

· It would help if you brushed it gently while washing your face, being hard to your eyelashes will be dangerous for it, and you will see them they tore it apart.
· You can avoid touching them by your hands, always use a small brush to reach it, the brush should have a motion from down to up, and avoid movie it from side to side.
· Using fingers along with the brush will be the worst idea, so, avoid it, and make it easier to use a brush to scratch or make it up.
· Sleep on your back, or side, sleeping on your abdomen with a face on the bed will not be a good idea.
· Use only standard brushes to work with the extension because they are designed to follow the guidelines.

What Should You Not Do?

· Removing extension on your own will be again a bad idea, you should be with professionals, and specialists when you want to remove them. Otherwise, it can damage your eyelashes.
· Please don’t touch them, don’t play with them, don’t dig it, don’t twist them by your hands or even by the brush, don’t also pull them by your hands or brush.
· Cleaning your face, wiping your eyes are essential. So, do it but be gentle with your eyelashes because they can be damaged by the forces of your hands.
· Please don’t wash your face and eyes for 48 hours after applying it, don’t get it wet for 24 hours, because it usually takes a day to be settled.
· Don’t cut your newly applied eyelashes extension, and it’ll result in reducing your natural extension.
· Avoid any local products to deal with your eyelashes extension; it will damage your eyelashes extension and will cause in pain.

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