Mascara falls short on visibly enhancing your eyelashes the way extensions do. You get beautiful luscious lashes for a long time with extensions. In any case, if you are convinced about the advantages of eyelash extensions, the next step is choosing the right kind of extension for you. We have suggested three different kinds of extensions.

What are the best eyelash extensions?

Mink Extensions

Appearance: They easily merge with your natural eyelashes. This is the greatest advantage of these extensions amongst others.

Advantages: They’re delicate and incredibly lightweight, to such an extent that you can apply different mink hairs to one eyelash. Minks aren’t hurt in any capacity when these get made; their jackets simply get brushed and the subsequent hairs are then disinfected.

Disadvantages: Aside from being the most costly kind of expansions, mink lashes should be applied the most gradually and carefully. During the application, you have to be extra careful as the mink eyelashes can break if it’s not picked up properly.

You can also go for faux mink which is a bit heavier and thicker as compared to a real mink.

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Silk Extensions

Appearance: Jet black with a slight sparkle. These are noticeably phony, only if someone gets ridiculously near you.

Advantages: Their velvety surface makes them particularly agreeable against your face. They’re lightweight however somewhat heavier than genuine mink lashes. Since they’re jet black, most people skip mascara when they have silk eyelash extensions.

Disadvantages: If you need your eyelash extensions to look natural, this isn’t the style for you. We suggest you go for mink extensions.

They are the most common type of extensions used by people.

Synthetic Extensions

Appearance: These lashes are dark and thick. They are clearly phony but that’s not really a bad thing- reality television shows are clearly phony, as well.

Advantages: These extensions are the most theatrical and give your eyelashes a luscious look. They are perfect for people who are on a budget but still want to try extensions.

Disadvantages: Amongst the three extensions, synthetic eyelashes can cause an itching sensation as they are made out of a scratchy fiber. As they are heavy your natural eyelashes can be bogged down by them. In addition, as compared to silk or mink extensions they have shorter durability.
This is one of the few fashion trends that transitioned into the mainstream and gaining a lot of popularity amongst youngsters.

There are many brands of eyelash extension but I recommend Novalash as they have worked out the best for me. You can check out our website for more details on the best lashes.

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