There are so many glues available in the market it becomes confusing when it comes to buying the perfect one that will help you increase the durability of the eyelash extensions.


If the room where you are applying your eyelashes is too humid there is a possibility that the extensions might fall off. The most ideal humidity level to glue the extension to your natural lashes is between 30% to 70%. If the humidity in the room is too high it can quickly dry out the glue and can cause the extensions to fall out before their expected shelf life.


Try to apply the extension in a room where there is an air conditioner. This helps you control the temperature and maintain it between 20°C and 24°C which is the optimal temperature to glue your extensions.

Clean your lashes

Before you apply glue to the false lashes make sure that you clean your upper eyelids and extensions. Any dirt or mascara should be removed with oil-free products so that glue can establish a long-lasting bond.

PH Value

The PH value of the surface where the extensions are being applied is very important. They can neither be too acidic or alkaline as it may affect the setting time of the glue. There are protein pads available in the market which help you clean the lashes and reach the optimal PH value so that the extensions can be glued together effectively.

Apply a thin layer

It’s very important that you apply a very thin layer of glue as it might affect the setting time as well as the strength of the glue bonds formed that hold your extensions in place.


The glue has to be stored in a place that does not expose it to rapid fluctuation in temperature. Generally, cupboards are a great place to store the glue when it’s not being used. If it comes in contact with too much heat or cold then there is a possibility the glue can lose its integrity and the application will be ineffective.


Use the glue dot technique for the application of eyelash extension. Use a small dot of glue to bind the fake lash to your natural lashes, the bubble will prevent the glue from seizing and dry out quickly.
Generally, I use eyelash glue from the brand Novalash. It’s an oil-free adhesive and after application, it can immediately come in contact with water without damaging the shelf life of the fake lashes.

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