Worried about making a good impression on your first date or an important meeting or just trying to make new friends? Glowing skin is the best confidence booster you need for your big day. Facial treatments help you achieve younger-looking skin, improves elasticity, firmness, & overall texture. I have created a handy guide of the best facial treatments available for different skin types for both men and women.

1) Normal Skin:

If you have normal skin then you can use different types of moisturizers and facial masks for a smoother, brighter, and less clogged skin without worrying about allergies. A typical cleansing facial mask will exfoliate your skin while removing dead, dry skin cells. It rejuvenates your skin while moisturizes and giving it a healthy glow.

2) Oily Skin:

It can be frustrating if you have frequent acne outbreaks because of oily skin. In the case of oily skin, the traditional facial might cause more acne as the oils and moisturizers will clog up your skin. The best way to tackle this problem is to choose a deep cleansing facial that will remove the oil and open up the pores. If you have extremely oily skin I would recommend an intensive acne facial for better results.

3) Fine Lines & Wrinkles 

Afraid of aging? Then an oxygen facial is the best way to go. It has anti-aging properties that reduce brown spots and fine lines leaving the skin looking refreshed and healthy. Chemical peels, IPL facial and Microdermabrasion are more intensive treatments for long term anti-aging effects.

The skincare products that I like to use for facials treatments are Dermaplane and Cosmedix for peels.

Dermaplane helps reboot your dry skin. The procedure involves scraping the top layer of dead cells along with unwanted facial hair to exfoliate the skin. After exfoliation, an oxygen facial is used to hydrate the skin. Because the dead skin cells are scraped before applying the oxygen facial, the product can penetrate the skin and give better results.

Cosmedix has a range of plant-based products with pure essential oils that help in cell rejuvenation and skin restoration. The formulation of their product is designed to filter molecules that positively interact with the skin, causing less irritation and better results. By gently removing dead and dull skin, their products can brighten the skin. reduces enlarged pores and helps smooth out expression lines and wrinkles.

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