While some people wake up with blemish-free, Instagram worthy skin, for people like us who are plagued with constant acne or have sensitive skin it’s a task to choose the right product for our skin type.

For me, it’s all about getting your daily skincare routine right. Using a product with the right ingredients to cleanse your pores daily can make a huge difference and result in smooth and clear skin.

Here’s my cheat sheet for choosing the right facial cleansers for people with sensitive skin:

Ingredients to look for

The general tendency that people have while buying facial cleanser is picking products that are labeled “For sensitive skin” from a popular skincare brand. Even if you buy these products there’s a possibility that it might not suit your skin and you are faced with an acne outbreak. I find looking at the ingredients in the products helps me choose the right product. People with sensitive skin should go for products with a high level of nourishing and non-irritating ingredients. Such products gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin while having a soothing effect. Avoid scrubs or products with harsh edges while using your cleanser, as they can cause micro-tears which can result in inflammation.

Ingredients to avoid

Avoid going to the drug store and buying the first sensitive skin product you see. Keep an eye out for any harmful ingredients that could further damage your skin. Avoid products with parabens, phthalates, and fragrances. These ingredients are prone to cause a pH imbalance which can result in rashes, breakouts, and redness. If the cleanser you are using causes a tingly sensation then its an indication that it does not suit your skin.

Be vary while using any facial cleansing brushes as the bristles can be harsh for your sensitive skin. They tend to strip your skin of their natural oils, drying it out and making it extra sensitive.

I generally recommend Cosmedix facial cleanser for sensitive skin as it’s chemical-free, full of vitamins and natural ingredients that soothe the skin and reduces irritation and redness.

You will find lots of facial cleansers for sensitive skin while shopping, it’s all about choosing the right product for your daily skincare routine. Follow my tips and find the right product for your skin type. Visit www.myglamoureyes.com for more skincare tips.

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